August 7, 2015

Brutal Democratic Primary Problems In Pennsylvania

The Democrats’ primary problems continue into Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional district where the race is already turning brutal.

PoliticsPA reports State Representative Steve Santarsiero is fighting back against claims from “a Democratic aide” that the DCCC was trying to push Santarsiero out of the race.

Santarsiero pointed out all the advantages he holds over his primary opponent Shaughnessy Naughton and then took some “direct shots” at Naughton:

“The ridiculous claim that the Democratic Congressional Campaign wanted Steve out of the race was debunked by the DCCC itself. We’ve spoken with them and it is obvious that this is the handiwork of our opponent,” said Santarsiero campaign manager Gabrielle Quintana Greenfield. “We have seen this type of rumor-mongering from the Naughton campaign before.”

Santarsiero’s campaign ended with a statement from a local Democratic Chair, Bill Ritter, declaring the “interparty strife” that Naughton caused last cycle and the need for a “united party” in PA-8.

Pennsylvania Democrats are clearly worried that they will be their own demise in this race.