February 29, 2016

California Convention Chaos Over House Endorsement

Democrats in California’s 21st District are in turmoil following a grassroots rebellion against the Washington, D.C. establishment during a divisive primary endorsement battle at their state convention.

Daniel Parra initially won the party’s endorsement, only to have it stripped away by Emilio Huerta. However, Huerta’s success at blocking Parra’s endorsement did not result in his own victory, and neither candidate won the final endorsement.

Huerta used the support of establishment Democrats like Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Rep. Mark Takano, and Nancy Pelosi’s daughter to help block Parra’s endorsement. Parra then criticized Huerta for being the candidate of Washington, saying Huerta’s support came from “people who can’t even vote in the June primary.”

This weekend’s chaos proved that national Democrats are clueless about the unique local interests and demands of 21st District voters.