November 17, 2015

Can House Democrats Find A Message?

House Democrats continue to demonstrate that they cannot find a winning message. Sound familiar? Take a look at some old headlines:

The New York Times: “Democrats Say Economic Message Was Lacking”

The Washington Post: “Democratic Donors See Need For Party To Embrace More Powerful Economic Message”

U.S. News & World Report: “The Great Democratic Message Muddle”

Politico: “House Dems Plot Messaging After Election Losses”

Once again, led by former DCCC chairman Steve Israel, Democrats are already previewing their second messaging strategy of 2015. This “new” strategy is essentially a revival of previous attacks on the Ryan budgets, which have been unsuccessful in the last two elections that showcased historic losses for the Democrat Party.

Even in the middle of discussing the party’s supposedly new message, Israel admitted Democrats would eventually “pivot” back to their current failed message. Hilariously, it looks like Democrats will continue in this vicious cycle of message “resets” until they finally realize that their party’s positions are out of step with the American public.