March 28, 2016

Case Study: Clinton & Sanders’ Contrast On SCOTUS Reveals Why She Isn’t Connecting With Dem Voters

Over the weekend, the press used terms like “trounced,” “crushes,” and “resoundingly defeats” to describe Secretary Clinton’s losses in the states of Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. Last week, Senator Sanders won five of the Democrats’ six nominating contests, and momentum clearly seems to be on his side.

Observers have noted that one reason so many voters are choosing Sanders over Clinton is because of his perceived honesty and direct answers. The latest clear contrast between Clinton and Sanders centers on the issue of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland.

When asked last week if he would nominate Garland if he were president, Sanders said he would ask the judge to “step aside” and nominate someone else:

Simple. Clear. Direct.

By contrast, when Clinton was asked that question, CNN’s Anderson Cooper had to try four different ways to get an answer, and she hemmed and hawed each time, never giving a clear answer. At one point Clinton boldly declared, “We have one president at a time.” Powerful stuff:

By dodging the question four times, Clinton left Democratic primary voters to their own devices to determine what she would do as president.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer told Politico he thought it was good politics for Clinton to pivot to attacking Republicans, but it may be coming at the cost of Clinton’s support in the Democratic primary.