July 25, 2016

Casey’s Keystone Support Highlights Clinton’s Flip-Flop

One of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent flip-flops was on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Back in 2010, then-Secretary of State Clinton stated that she was “inclined” to support its approval. Yet in 2015, facing pressure from Sanders and environmentalists, Clinton turned her back on the tens of thousands of Americans who would have gotten jobs from the pipeline.

Unlike Clinton, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) actually supported the Keystone pipeline. Casey understood that the jobs created by Keystone made approving the pipeline a no-brainer:

“Casey ‘believes that the project could create jobs and bolster energy security,’ said a spokesman for the senator, John Rizzo. ‘He believes we must continue to grow the domestic energy supply to fuel the economy and increase our energy independence.’”

Casey also supported Leader Mitch McConnell’s push in 2015 to finally get the Keystone pipeline built, before President Obama vetoed the measure. In opposing the Keystone pipeline, Clinton showed once again that for her, politics trumps American jobs.