August 5, 2016

Catherine Cortez Masto’s Terrible Week In Review

Despite doggedly avoiding the press and being largely absent from the campaign trail, Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto is still managing to rack up negative headlines – and this week was no exception.

The first hit came Monday afternoon when a prominent Latino business leader abruptly withdrew his support from Cortez Masto and endorsed her Republican opponent. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

Otto Merida, who founded the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce in the late 1970s, announced Monday he’s endorsing Heck, the Republican candidate in the race. Merida previously had supported Catherine Cortez Masto, a former Nevada attorney general and the Democratic candidate… “We need a candidate who is going to support real economic growth for the Latino community in Nevada,” Merida continued. “We need to be serious about tackling spending in Washington if we want our economic comeback in Nevada to continue.”

Then, on Tuesday, PolitiFact Nevada issued a full “False” ruling on Cortez Masto’s latest ad, stating that she blatantly mischaracterized her opponent’s immigration record.

Later that same day, The Nevada Appeal’s editorial board took Cortez-Masto to task for avoiding the press on an unadvertised campaign swing:

We find this disturbing that a candidate for the U.S. Senate would want to shun the press from her stops across Nevada… This latest attempt, however, of having a controlled trip across the Silver State last month is a slap in the face to all Nevadans who have an interest in this year’s Senate race; furthermore, it is a slap to all media outlets in rural Nevada who try to do a good job in reporting the news. If her staff wants to play games, then they reap what they sow in rural Nevada.

Cortez Masto has been consistently criticized for dodging reporters’ questions, but she apparently has no intention of changing course. On Thursday, she doubled down on her disappearing act at an event featuring Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and another protest. As Jon Ralston reported, only Reid met with press after the event.

It appears Cortez Masto is taking a page out of Clinton’s playbook for dealing with the press – Clinton has gone over 240 days without a press conference.