April 7, 2016

Center for Public Integrity Investigation Clearly Demonstrates Clinton’s Campaign Finance Hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton has claimed numerous times that she opposes the Citizens United decision, and would work to overturn it as president. Yet a new investigation by the Center for Public Integrity shows that those are just empty words by Hillary Clinton. In fact, according to the Center for Public Integrity, “Citizens United is helping Hillary Clinton win the White House.”

Far from working against the campaign finance system, they call her a “trailblazer” in the SuperPAC world:

“And Clinton has been a trailblazer: Three cash-flush super PACs, stacked with Clinton allies, exist almost exclusively to strengthen Clinton’s presidential effort.”

Clinton and senior officials on her campaign have also made it a priority to fundraise for the big-money groups. Clinton’s SuperPACs have received millions in contributions from billionaires like George Soros and Haim Saban, yet for some reason Clinton’s own logic, that Citizens United is “corrupting our political process,” doesn’t apply to herself.

That hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed by liberals. One such critic is former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who questioned Clinton’s commitment to campaign finance reform after her actions during this election:

“He worried aloud about whether Clinton, as president, would ever fight like he believes Sanders would fight to overhaul campaign funding rules. ‘It will not be easy for any candidate, especially one who has taken a lot of super PAC money, to disavow super PACs,’ Reich told the Center for Public Integrity.”

Another campaign finance reformer was even harsher, calling her a “hypocrite”:

“’If her candidacy is any reflection of her personal priorities, she’s a hypocrite,’ said Cyrus Patten, chief executive of Mayday.US, which works to elect hardcore campaign reformers. ‘My faith in her commitment to change is slim.’”

While liberal commentator Cenk Uygur maintained that any voter who believed Clinton would follow through on her campaign finance pledges was a “sucker”:

“‘I bet my bottom dollar Hillary Clinton will do absolutely nothing to change the system,’ Uygur said. ‘If you believe her, you’re a sucker.’”

Voters are certainly not suckers. They understand that Clinton’s actions speak much louder than words. She’s a politician who will say or do anything to win an election, and her campaign finance hypocrisy is no different.