November 3, 2015

Political Handicapper On Democratic House Victory: “Really, Really, Really, Really Hard”

Today, well-regarded political handicapper Charlie Cook was asked if there is a viable scenario in which the Republicans could lose the House of Representatives. His answer: “Really, really, really, really hard.”

QUESTION: “Do you see any viable scenario in which the Republicans lose the House?” COOK: “Any viable scenario that Republicans lose the House? Well first of all, the most — it’s hard. I mean it’s really, really, really, really hard. And would take an enormous amount of effort to lose the House. And that’s because – you know basically Democrats would have to hold onto 100 percent of their seats and win every single Republican seat that’s in any danger at all; 100 percent of those, which rarely, rarely, rarely happens. And then start knocking off people that aren’t appearing to be vulnerable at all. And just given where people live, population patterns, given where Congressional District boundaries are – boy this is really, really hard.”


This should come as no surprise to Democrats, whose top brass have already admitted that their chances at regaining the House Majority are all but impossible.