October 22, 2015

Charlie Crist Endorsed By Alex Sink, Who Called His 2013 Campaign A Potential “Disaster”

Failed 2014 Democrat Alex Sink is now backing two-time failed candidate Charlie Crist for Florida’s 13th District.

But in 2013, Sink described Crist’s gubernatorial bid as a potential “disaster” and was “nearly revolted by the prospect of Crist as the Democratic nominee.” Sink told the Tampa Bay Times:

The campaign against former Gov. Crist would be brutal, she said, noting the job losses during his term, flip-flops on issues, “plus all the stuff that hasn’t been written about yet, about the Republican Party fiasco, about Jim Greer, about the party in the Bahamas,” she said, referring to Crist’s hand-picked GOP chairman, now in prison for stealing party funds and who was accused of hiring prostitutes at a fundraising retreat Crist attended.

With friends like these, who needs any enemies?