March 29, 2016

Chelsea Clinton Batting .000 With Fact Checkers In 2016

Chelsea Clinton has emerged in 2016 as a regular surrogate for her mother’s presidential campaign. During her short time on the campaign trail, the youngest Clinton has been nothing short of a disaster. Presently, she holds a career “Mostly False” rating from PolitiFact for her past statements.

And just this morning, The Washington Post’s Fact-Checker blog blasted her with this headline:


Things aren’t going well for Chelsea. It seems she is overly eager to attack her mother’s opponent, Bernie Sanders, and in doing so, has made a habit of regularly misstating the facts about both Democratic candidates’ records.

The Washington Post minced no words when blasting Chelsea for misleading voters:

It’s not often we see Chelsea Clinton publicly giving detailed policy answers on behalf of her mother on the campaign trail. In this case, she bungled her talking points and oversimplified components of her mother’s plan — ultimately misleading voters. We suggest she brush up on her talking points carefully the next time there is a question-and-answer session with voters. We wavered between Two and Three Pinocchios, but will spare her a Pinocchio since she was speaking extemporaneously during a question-and-answer session.

It’s a harsher criticism than PolitiFact leveled when Chelsea bizarrely claimed Sanders wanted to take away Americans’ health care:

But Clinton’s statement makes it sound like Sanders’ plan would leave many people uninsured, which is antithetical to the goal of Sanders’ proposal: universal health care.

Indeed, next time Chelsea may want to “brush up” on the facts, as The Washington Post suggested, or just do everyone in Brooklyn a favor and cancel her future appearances all together.