September 29, 2016

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky Hamper Hillary Clinton’s Already Poor Image

Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, are proving to be unwanted liabilities during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Both have acted in ways that reflect many voters’ worst fears about the Democratic nominee.

First, Mezvinsky is a failed hedge fund founder—a point of concern, particularly among those former Bernie Sanders supports Clinton is still struggling to win over. Yet, this morning Citizens United has uncovered shocking new details about a potential conflict of interest scandal involving confidential Greek economic information:

“Chelsea Clinton, Mezvinsky’s wife, is a board member at the Clinton Foundation. The fact that one of Clinton’s closest aides shared insider information about the economic climate in Greece with the foundation — just one year after Mezvinsky and fellow Goldman Sachs alum founded a hedge fund that operated primarily by placing bets on international economic trends — raises questions about the many potential conflicts of interest that could have arisen from the Clintons’ web of connections.”

Mezvinsky’s hedge fund collapsed earlier this year, thus proving that even with all the advantages, some people are just losers. Chelsea Clinton’s actions have not reflected well on Hillary Clinton recently too. Yesterday, NTK Network published an exclusive new video of the youngest Clinton boarding a private jet to attend a “Clean Energy Roundtable”:

Chelsea Clinton’s staggering high level of hypocrisy could only have been learned from her mother’s hypocritical example. Most families have a shared hobby, it’s just that the Clinton family’s shared hobby is a love of taking private jets to events touting their environmental credentials. It’s no wonder that Hillary Clinton has trouble relating to average Americans.