October 20, 2016

Chicago Tribune Rebukes Duckworth’s Failed Record

When Chicagoans go to the Chicago Tribune’s front page to read about the Cubs, they were also be met by yet another negative front page story about Illinois Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth’s time at the head of Illinois’ Veterans’ Affairs Department.

One of the major new initiatives she spearheaded back then was a program aimed at helping thousands of Illinois vets receive affordable health care. It ended up helping fewer than 100 vets:

“Her top priority, Blagojevich declared, was to step up efforts to sign people up for the state’s fledgling Veterans Care program, an initiative aimed at providing affordable and comprehensive health coverage to ‘thousands of Illinois veterans.’ At its high-water mark during her tenure, however, the program averaged fewer than 100 veterans enrolled, state records showed.”

In fact, a review of Duckworth’s record by the Tribune led the newspaper to say Duckworth’s plans to help vets “fell flat” at the state VA Department:

“A Chicago Tribune examination of Duckworth’s record after a decade in public service shows several of her initiatives at the state VA fell flat, her subsequent post at the federal VA mostly focused on public relations and her two terms in Congress have been marked by only a few legislative successes.”

Unfortunately for Duckworth, her only defense on these charges of ineffectiveness is to point the finger at the imprisoned former governor, Rod Blagojevich. It’s not exactly a smart strategy to remind voters three weeks before an election of your close connections to a felon.