August 7, 2015

Chuck Schumer’s Iran Deal Opposition Hurting DSCC

Last night, Chuck Schumer announced his opposition to the Iran deal, putting him at odds with President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and much of the Democrat establishment.

Schumer, who is expected to be the next Senate Minority Leader, is facing intense criticism from the key Obama allies and the liberal wing of his party. Some groups, like, are already promising to withhold funding to the DSCC, who is in a battle to win back the Senate this cycle:

“In response to Senator Schumer’s decision to side with partisan war hawks,’s 8 million members are immediately launching a Democratic Party donor strike,” Sheyman declared.

As part of that strike, MoveOn is urging its members to withhold campaign contributions to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Sheyman said. Within 72 hours after Schumer’s Thursday evening announcement, the liberal group is hoping to withhold $10 million in campaign contributions.

According to President Obama’s absurd logic, Schumer’s opposition to the deal, which gives Iran 24 days to delay inspections that by definition are not “anywhere, anytime” like the administration promised, is akin to him endorsing a war with Iran.