August 8, 2017

Civil War Watch: Bernie’s Single Payer Litmus Test Spreads Nationwide

Among the many flashpoints in the Democratic civil war none excite the various factions of the party more than the growing single payer litmus test being propagated by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Sanders’ litmus test has led some notable Democrats, like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, to flip-flop on the issue.

Now Politico reports today that Sanders is not content with his gains and is planning to take action against those Democrats who still won’t support his trillion dollar unfunded boondoggle. Nina Turner, the president of the Sanders group Our Revolution gave all Democrats fair warning when she said that “there’s something wrong with [Democrats]” who oppose single payer:

“’Any Democrat worth their salt that doesn’t unequivocally say Medicare-for-all is the way to go? To me, there’s something wrong with them,’ said former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution. ‘We’re not going to accept no more hemming and hawing. No more game playing. Make your stand.’”

With Sanders’ presidential pollster confirming that single payer “is fast-emerging as a litmus test” the Democratic Party establishment has good reason to worry about the potential for destructive Democratic primaries next year:

“With Sanders promising to play a major role in 2018 races, that’s led many party officials to worry about the prospect of his involvement in primaries that could upend the Democratic establishment’s plans to win crucial House, Senate and gubernatorial seats.”

The American people overwhelmingly oppose single payer, but Sanders apparently doesn’t care. All he wants is to force the Democratic Party to embrace his extreme vision, no matter the cost to taxpayers or the Democratic Party’s political prospects.