September 7, 2016

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Democrats “Preparing To Abandon Strickland”

Last week, Ted Strickland’s campaign told Ohio Democrats to stop panicking over the news that the DSCC and Senate Majority PAC were pulling their ads. Well now Strickland has $3 million more reasons to panic. That’s because the Senate Majority PAC confirmed last night they were pulling an additional three weeks’ worth of ads that would have supported Strickland.

Originally, Senate Majority PAC was going to go up with ads supporting Strickland on September 6th. Now this means that the ads, if they ever actually come, won’t start running in support of Strickland until the middle of October:

“Senate Majority PAC has canceled another $3 million in Ohio ad reservations, as Democratic outside groups continue pulling money from the state, where GOP Sen. Rob Portman has healthy leads over Democrat Ted Strickland in public polls. The group’s advertising, which had already been pushed back to Sept. 20 instead of starting earlier this month, will now start three weeks later on Oct. 11.”

According to USA Today, the timing of this news could not be any worse. Labor Day is the traditional start of the campaigning season, and now Strickland is “faltering at the gate.” While the Cleveland Plain Dealer went even further, claiming that this new development shows that “national Democrats are preparing to abandon Strickland for good.”