October 15, 2015

Climate Change: Clinton’s Next Leap Left?

This morning, Slate reminded climate change activists that Hillary Clinton is no friend of theirs.

Along with her Democrat rivals Tuesday night, Clinton tried to brag about her climate change bona fides. The only problem? Her talking point was actually a huge failure. Slate has more:

About midway through the debate, Clinton staked her climate record on what’s widely perceived to have been one of the biggest diplomatic failures in recent history—the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009. After years of anticipation, the meeting of world leaders ended in disarray, with Obama and his aides famously wandering around the convention center, looking for the leaders of China, India, Brazil, and other key nations. The toothless deal struck at the last minute was called a “grudging accord” by the New York Times the next day. Yes, Obama—and Clinton, then his secretary of state—were instrumental to that deal, but it’s hardly something Hillary should be proud of.

Clinton’s Copenhagen summit was so bad that it has “haunted international climate negotiations ever since,” writes Slate. “Among environmentalists, Clinton has retained only a mediocre reputation on climate change as a result.”

Don’t be surprised to see Clinton lurching farther left and flip flopping on more issues to protect herself from more environmentalist criticism.