2 years ago

Clinton 2016: Heavily Scripted Candidate Struggles To Connect

Surprising nearly every political observer, Secretary Clinton’s 2016 campaign has been a real slog. Stymied by a 74 year-old avowed socialist, Clinton has failed to generate the excitement and enthusiasm to put to rest Bernie Sanders’ insurgent presidential bid.

But this morning, a new report from the AP reveals why that struggle is all the more embarrassing: her campaign events, as has long been speculated, are heavily scripted.

But the campaign still injects itself into the minute details of the candidate’s appearances down to the stemless glassware in her green room. That fixation on planning has sometimes pulled local officials uncomfortably into the political arena.

“They offered to write your introduction. I told them no,” Becky Mann, the head of public relations for South Carolina’s Greenville Technical College, wrote in an email to the college’s president, Keith Miller.

Clinton’s campaign also suggested questions that Miller could pose such as, “We have a number of students who have a financial need – what do we need to do to make college affordable?” College affordability is one of Clinton’s campaign issues.

As the AP notes, these attempts to control every minute detail “run counter to her campaign’s efforts to make Clinton look less wooden and scripted than she did when running eight years ago.”

But this issue is not new. In January, NPR grew suspicious of all of the “kid questioners” at Clinton events, particularly the ones asking about gender pay equity and other topics that jus happened to perfectly align with the candidate’s messaging.

Despite controlling every last detail at these events, Clinton still comes across poorly. That has been reflected in polling that shows she is neither liked nor trusted by the American people. There’s no telling what would happen if Clinton had an unscripted moment, say, at a press conference.