August 3, 2016

Clinton Aides Cite “Stubbornness” and “Careless” Side For Ongoing Email Headache

Following a flurry of fact checks that eviscerated Secretary Clinton’s most recent lies regarding her email server, close aides are voicing their frustration with a candidate seemingly unable to put this issue to bed:

Instead of finding a way to let the issue die, Clinton has time and again inflamed criticism about the “homebrew” server, by at times growing increasingly defensive and refusing to answer questions about the setup in the basement of her New York home.

The strategy has caused grumblings within her campaign and led to the persistent image that she is dishonest.

Clinton aides who spoke to The Hill said they “were confused by her latest remarks,” which falsely claimed that FBI Director James Comey all but exonerated her for mishandling classified material on her private server. The aides were divided between Clinton’s stubbornness and carelessness as to which was the root cause of Clinton’s inability to put the issue behind her:

Those in her orbit chock it up to Clinton’s stubbornness. After all, it took Clinton a full six months after news broke about her email issue to finally apologize for it last September, despite weeks of prodding from her aides.

“I think when it comes to this, she’s just being stubborn,” the longtime aide said.

Another former aide thought it erred on the “careless” side.

“Especially knowing that every utterance on the topic is going to be thrown into the crucible,” the former aide said.

Either way, a full 18 months after the scandal broke, it’s clear Clinton is entirely incapable of properly putting the issue to rest, so voters can expect to see Clinton continue to be barraged with questions on the topic.