January 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton Takes To The Airways To Defend The Indefensible

Late Friday afternoon, news broke that 22 of Clinton’s emails were not going to be released by the State Department because they were deemed “top secret”. This morning, Hillary Clinton had a pair of interviews were she attempted to defend these actions.

On “This Week In Iowa,” Clinton was asked if she would allow people in her administration to operate on private email servers. Clinton responded:

CLINTON: Well it was allowed then but I think the rules should change, because of all of the confusion and the questions. The facts have remained the same I took classification very seriously. There is absolutely no evidence that I sent or received any email marked classified that has not changed this is a n argument about classification in retrospect.

Clinton’s stance seems to suggest that she knew at the time operating solely on a private email server was wrong and possibly a criminal action.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Clinton compared the ongoing FBI invitation of her email server to the House Benghazi Committee.


Clinton is obviously attempting to paint the Obama Justice Department as biased, which seems strange seeing as Clinton is largely running to continue Obama’s legacy.

These new developments regarding Clinton’s server have caused her chief rival Bernie Sanders to shift his views on the issue. On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sanders said he considered Clinton’s private email server investigation to be “a very serious issue”

New York Time’s reporter Peter Baker pointed out that, “Her problem at this point is not the Republicans. Her problem is the FBI and the Obama Justice Department.”

With just hours till the Iowa caucuses Clinton is yet again answering questions about her private email server, something that must be driving her campaign mad.