January 6, 2016

Clinton Attacks On Sanders Prompt Warren Praise

If there’s one pesky issue Hillary Clinton has taken the heat on in this primary process, it’s her deep ties to Wall Street and the hypocritical, dishonest language she uses on the campaign trail to try to distance herself from those ties.

That’s why on Monday, the Clinton campaign preemptively attacked Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) Wall Street speech. It was a politically brazen attempt to distract voters and the media from her own cozy relationship with Wall Street – a sector of the economy that is bankrolling Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton’s efforts to distance herself or defend her actions have taken a number of forms, including crassly citing 9/11 as a reason for Wall Street bundlers to finance her campaign.

But this latest attempt – to attack Bernie Sanders – is backfiring for Clinton. Here’s how Bloomberg wrote up Clinton’s move on Monday:

Bloomberg - Clinton Sanders

Clinton’s attack on Sanders was so disingenuous and misguided that it prompted liberal darling Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) send a message to Clinton by publicly praising Sanders’ Wall Street speech:

Politico - Warren Clinton

Clinton has been desperate to shore up her left flank in an attempt to avert the disaster that was her 2008 campaign in which then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama was more successful at appearing genuine and appealing to the liberal wing of the Party. It seems Clinton learned nothing from her failed 2008 race.