August 7, 2015

Clinton Attends Fight For $15 Meeting, Dodges On $15 Minimum Wage

Hillary Clinton attended a meeting of health care workers yesterday in Los Angeles in which attendees “plead” with Clinton to raise wages:

[H]ome health-care workers from across the country told Clinton what a pay bump would mean to their kids, their families and their dignity. At times, they got emotional.

But instead of engaging in a conversation about the $15 minimum wage, Clinton was vague and took no questions from the press:

But Clinton did not endorse a $15 wage on Thursday and provided few specifics on where she would go on wages. After the event, Clinton took a few pictures — including one with people wearing “Fight for $15” T-shirts — but did not take questions from the media.

This marks the latest dodge in a long series of evasive answers Clinton has given regarding the $15 minimum wage. Clinton has refused to endorse a national $15 minimum wage, but supported a $15 minimum wage in New York state for fast food workers only (including in rural parts of the state).

Bernie Sanders, who is statistically tied with Clinton in New Hampshire, has fully endorsed a national $15 minimum wage.