October 31, 2016

Clinton Barrels Toward Election Day Amid Unending Barrage Of Negative Headlines

On Friday, Hillary Clinton “earned” the dubious honor of getting “worst week in Washington” from the Washington Post. She deserved it.

Clinton’s week started bad with the news that Obamacare premiums were going to skyrocket in 2017. It got worse when a Doug Band memo was discovered among John Podesta’s hacked emails detailing how Bill Clinton used the Clinton Foundation in shady ways to profit. Clinton’s rotten week peaked on Friday with the news that the FBI was reviewing new emails related to their investigation of Clinton’s email server.

No recent story has more impacted Clinton’s campaign than Friday’s news that the FBI was reviving their investigation into Clinton’s email practices. According to the New York Times, her campaign was “rocked” by the news that with under two weeks to go before Election Day, she was once again being investigated by the FBI:

“The presidential campaign was rocked on Friday after federal law enforcement officials said that emails pertinent to the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server were discovered on a computer belonging to Anthony D. Weiner, the estranged husband of a top Clinton aide.”

Earlier in the week, the biggest Clinton scandal was still the shady dealings connected with the Clinton Foundation. A memo written by former Bill Clinton aide Doug Band detailed the ways the former president used his connections to enrich himself and the Clinton Foundation:

“In doing so, Band also detailed a circle of enrichment in which he raised money for the Clinton Foundation from top-tier corporations such as Dow Chemical and Coca-Cola that were clients of his firm, Teneo, while pressing many of those same donors to provide personal income to the former president.”

Finally, Clinton’s week started off on the wrong foot when her past strong support for Obamacare came back to haunt her. In the face of staggeringly high premium increases on the Obamacare exchange, Clinton’s past claims that it was “called HillaryCare before it was called ObamaCare,” look more out of touch than ever.

With only eight days to go, Hillary Clinton cannot afford another week with wall to wall bad news stories about her record.