April 5, 2016

Clinton Called Out For Headlining A Rally For “A Cause She Doesn’t Believe In”

Throughout the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem has been that voters do not believe she is honest and trustworthy. Her actions yesterday will not help that narrative. Seeking support before the all-important New York primary, Clinton appeared at a rally with Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and union members to celebrate the passage of a $15 minimum wage in New York.

The only problem: Hillary Clinton has long opposed the specific policy that she was rallying in support of. This is just the latest example of Clinton’s say or do anything candidacy, and reporters were quick to pick up on it.

Below see some of the negative coverage Clinton’s pandering got her yesterday:

New York Post: “Hillary just headlined a rally for a cause she doesn’t believe in”

WNYC: “Hillary Clinton linked herself to a successful effort to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour Monday, part of an effort to woo working class voters ahead of competitive Democratic primary contests in Wisconsin and New York… But Clinton hasn’t embraced that standard in her own campaign platform — a detail avoided mentioning to the boisterous crowd at the Jacob Javits Center.”

Washington Times: “The progressive Daily Kos website called her out for what they viewed as a highly political move — capitalizing on a movement she had nothing to do with.”

Capital Tonight’s Liz Benjamin: “You were in New York City earlier today with Governor Cuomo. It was the victory rally for the so-called “Fight for 15,” which he signed as part of the budget, sort of ceremonial signing into law, but $15 an hour isn’t actually what you’ve supported.”

Los Angeles Times: “Sanders supports a nationwide minimum wage of $15 an hour, firmly aligning him with the array of progressive groups and labor unions engaged in what they call the ‘fight For $15.’ But Clinton has taken a more nuanced position.”

Gawker: “This week, California and New York passed landmark bills that would increase the states’ minimum wages to $15 an hour. Hillary Clinton joined New York governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday to celebrate the win—despite advocating for only a $12 minimum wage since at least October.”

With Clinton basically conceding the critical Wisconsin primary tonight, the New York primary will take on an outsized importance in the Democratic primary contest. Given Clinton’s actions yesterday who knows what issue Clinton will pander to New Yorkers next on. All we know is that the first time Clinton was gearing up for a New York electoral contest she claimed that she rooted for both the Mets and the Yankees, so it’s going to be epic.