January 21, 2016

Clinton Campaign Circular Firing Squad Readies For Action

If Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign is remembered for anything, it’s for the legendary feuds and in-fighting between campaign staffers. With this iteration of the Clinton campaign again facing a surging, popular opponent, one who looks to be competitive in Iowa, the anonymous sources are coming back out of the woodwork. This time they are targeting campaign manager Robby Mook. According to Politico:

“Bill Clinton, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation, has been phoning campaign manager Robby Mook almost daily to express concerns about the campaign’s organization in the March voting states, which includes delegate bonanzas in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Texas.”

These anonymous sources believe that with the campaign floundering in the early states, they don’t have the organization in later in contests to pull it out. Most striking, some believe the 2016 campaign is in worse shape than the historically disastrous 2008 one:

“Many Clinton allies share the president’s desire for more organization on the ground; they see enthusiasm that’s ready to be channeled, but no channel yet in place. ‘Iowa matters a ton but it seems to be the campaign’s only focus,’ said one person close to the campaign’s operations in a March state — one of nearly a dozen Clinton allies POLITICO spoke with for this article. ‘It’s going to be a long primary, and the campaign seems less prepared for it than they were in 2008.’”

These concerns have led Bill Clinton to take a more active role in the campaign, which if that goes anything like his awful public debut on the trail, many at the Brooklyn headquarters won’t be very happy about.