April 25, 2016

Clinton Campaign Doing “Damage Control” In Connecticut, As A New Poll Shows A Close Race

Using Hillary Clinton’s past electoral logic, Connecticut should be a slam-dunk state for the former Secretary of State. After all, Clinton and her surrogates stated numerous times that the main reason she lost by 20 points in New Hampshire was because it neighbors Sanders’ home state of Vermont.

By that standard, Connecticut’s status bordering Clinton’s home in New York should mean an easy victory for Clinton in the Constitution state. Yet a new PPP poll shows a tightening race in the state, with Clinton only leading by two points in the state.

With the margin in Connecticut razor thin, unpopular actions by top Clinton surrogate Governor Dannel Malloy (D-CT) could push the state over to Sanders. Governor Malloy plans hundreds of union layoffs in the near future, and that’s putting the Clinton campaign in “damage control” mode:

“While the Clintons crisscrossed the state Thursday as part of final push for the upcoming primary, Hillary Clinton’s national campaign chairman, John Podesta, quietly met with leaders of three major state employee and teacher unions in New Haven to try to settle tensions, Hearst Connecticut Media has learned. The unions are fuming over 643 layoffs and budget cuts by the state under Malloy, a loyal Clinton surrogate who has campaigned in New Hampshire and Iowa for the former secretary of state. Clinton’s campaign may have cause for concern over the strength of its support from labor, which played a key role in some of Clinton’s victories over Bernie Sanders in other states such as Nevada.”

Troublingly for Clinton, observers have already started to notice adverse effects on Clinton’s ground game due union disillusionment at Governor Malloy’s unpopular actions:

“Turnout for three union-organized canvasses for Clinton this weekend in Hartford and New Haven has slumped, said a person close to the situation who asked not to be identified. Connecticut holds its primary Tuesday. ‘I think (Malloy’s) unpopularity is really rubbing off on Hillary right now,’ the source said. ‘People just started dropping off like crazy.’”

Clinton has long relied on a union ground game to overcome Sanders more enthusiastic supporters. With the unions’ anger at Governor Malloy “rubbing off” on Clinton, she could be in for a rough night in the Connecticut tomorrow.