January 31, 2016

Clinton Campaign Manager Dodges On The Difference Between A Democrat And Socialist

Today during an interview, MSNBC’s Chris Matthew asked Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook what the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist was.

Not surprisingly Mook dodged the question, just like his boss.

This question has proved to be challenging for Democrats. What is more frightening is a recent Des Moines Register poll that found 43 percent of Democratic caucus goers in Iowa identify themselves as “socialists.”

According to Politico report on that poll:

“It’s a percentage that has turned a once-easy line of attack – painting Bernie Sanders as too far left to be electable — into a trickier endeavor for Clinton in the last days before the Iowa caucuses.”

“Now, as she makes her final argument, Clinton faces a dilemma. She is appealing to an electorate that’s clearly energized by Sanders’ populist rhetoric. But he’s not just any populist. He’s a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist calling for a political revolution to overthrow the “billion-aihs,” as Sanders refers to them in his thick Brooklyn accent. That puts him in direct conflict with the big money donors funding her campaign — the very targets of Sanders’ wrath – and they’re beginning to voice their frustration over the emergence of a viable challenger spouting such “radical” ideas.”

You can now add Mook’s name to the growing list of Democrats that have dodged on this rather simple question.