March 31, 2016

Clinton Campaign “Moves The Goalposts Again”

After Clinton’s devastating loss in the New Hampshire primary her campaign manager Robby Mook put out a memo to calm down her anxious supporters. Mook’s memo stated that the Democratic nomination would “very likely be won in March, not February.”

Today is the last day of March, and the Democratic primary is still a competitive one. Oops. Now the Clinton campaign would like a do-over, saying that April is actually the month when the Democratic nomination will be decided:

“The campaign is now taking an even longer view, with April now being the month they hope to put Sanders away. It’s an optimistic projection, with Sanders support far from fading and the Vermont senator vowing to compete in primaries and caucuses through June 7 in California, and possibly to the Democratic convention.”

Yet with Sanders having won blowout victories in six of the last seven Democratic contests, the Clinton campaign is now scrambling to win the New York primary, one of Clinton’s many home states:

“They are now doing something they never expected: Investing considerable time and money to the April 19 New York primary. Clinton is preparing to spend far more in New York than she originally budgeted, according to people close to the campaign, a fact that underscores how the campaign is girding for a fight and knows it needs to spend money to win.”