October 30, 2016

Clinton Campaign Turns On Comey, Struggles To Explain New Email Scandal

Just two days after the FBI announced they reopened their case into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, campaign chairman John Podesta struggled to explain why just days ago, Democrat VP nominee Tim Kaine lavished effusive praise on FBI Director James Comey, calling him a “wonderful and tough career public servant,” while today Clinton surrogates are all questioning Comey’s actions and motives.

Tapper followed up his hard-hitting question with another that gets at the heart of the Clinton email scandal – what really has she learned? Podesta answered that Clinton “didn’t give it that much thought” when she set up the private email account for State Department business. That’s a line used before by Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri in August 2015 that received much criticism. Ultimately, Podesta was unable to identify an actual lesson learned by Clinton.

Meanwhile, on Fox News Sunday, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook similarly faced tough questions about the FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation. “We’re concerned and disturbed” by Comey’s decision, Mook explained. Host Chris Wallace also pressed Mook on what he called “a dishonest talking point” Clinton used when she claimed Comey’s letter was only sent to Republicans. Simply looking at the second page of the letter would show that Democrats received it, too:

Earlier in that interview, Wallace asked Mook if Clinton has asked longtime aide Huma Abedin, whose emails sparked the FBI’s reopening of the case, what may have been in her emails that triggered this decision. Mook dodged multiple times. “Has Secretary Clinton asked Huma Abedin what was on that laptop that she shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner?” Mook dismissed the question as a hypothetical, despite widespread reporting that backs up this question.