January 12, 2016

Clinton Cites Poll To Combat Narrative Her Numbers Are Slipping. Then Says She Doesn’t Pay Attention To Polls. :(

During an interview on CNN tonight, Secretary Clinton was asked about a new Quinnipiac poll that showed Clinton trailing Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) by 5 points in Iowa.

Clinton responded:

“Well the funny thing, Alisyn is, after that poll came out, about an hour later there was a PPP poll where I was leading him by the same margin, about six points up. I don’t pay any attention to this. I don’t feel that it’s a good reflection about who will actually come out on caucus night.”

Clinton’s handlers should mention to the candidate that she might be more believable if she didn’t rattle off poll results with robotic precision just before saying she doesn’t pay attention to polls.

Furthermore, if what Clinton said is true, she and her campaign certainly spend a lot of money on something they “don’t pay any attention to.” According to FEC reports, Clinton’s campaign has spent more than $2.5 million on polling including more than $900,000 in Q2 of 2015, $1.2 million in Q3 of 2015, and another $400,000+ in polling debt.

If we are to believe Clinton, the campaign would be better off just setting that money on fire.