April 8, 2016

Clinton Confronted By Pattern Of Poor Performance Among Young Voters, FBI Investigation On “Today”

During this morning’s interview on NBC’s “Today,” Secretary Clinton was confronted about two issues she doesn’t much like discussing: her lack of trustworthiness and the FBI investigation that looms darkly over her campaign.

NBC News’ Matt Lauer pressed Clinton on her failure to rally the Obama coalition, specifically young voters and women.

MATT LAUER: “Bernie Sanders got 82 percent of the votes from people under the age of 30. Eighty-nine percent of people said they thought Bernie Sanders was basically honest; 58 percent said that about you. And this struck me – you are running to become perhaps an historic candidate, perhaps the first woman elected president, and right now if you look at Wisconsin, you basically split the women’s vote with Senator Sanders. When you lay in bed at night, how do you get your arms around that.”

Clinton responds that she’s confident she’ll be able to bring Democrats together, despite her inability to do that now.

As Lauer rightly noted, her campaign’s dearth of support among young voters is nothing new – Clinton has consistently struggled among voters under 30 since Iowa. And despite numerous reinventions and resets, the public opinion about Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness has been a drag on her campaign since before Democrats began voting.

Later in the interview, Clinton was again asked about the FBI investigation into her private email server. Clinton laughed off the question and dismissed the idea that she put national security at risk by installing a homebrew server in her basement: