July 15, 2015

Clinton Backs Off Her Previous Enrichment Requirements For Iran Deal

A year ago almost to the day, Hillary Clinton said that any nuclear deal with Iran should allow for “so little enrichment or no enrichment … for a long period of time” because she believed “any enrichment will trigger an arms race in the Middle East.”

“This is a – this is the real nub of it, because if you cannot be persuaded that the Iranians cannot break out and race toward a nuclear weapon, then you cannot have a deal. I believe strongly that it’s really important for there to be so little enrichment or no enrichment, at least for a long period of time, because I do think that any enrichment will trigger an arms race in the Middle East.”

However, under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action just announced yesterday, Iran is allowed uranium enrichment up to 3.67% for the next 15 years. In addition, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states have already said they will “match” Iran’s enrichment capabilities. 

Clinton’s endorsement of a deal that doesn’t meet her previous expectations is yet another example of the failed Clinton-Obama foreign policy that she undeniably now owns.

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