April 6, 2016

Clinton Continues To Defend Paid Wall Street Speeches In Exclusive Interview

During her first one-on-one interview with Politico’s Glenn Thrush in about a decade, Secretary Clinton was asked directly if she regretted giving paid Wall Street speeches. Thrush asked:

“Can you just sort of explain, in general, as opposed to sort of defending on this, why you chose to do it and why you chose not to undo it? I mean, you’ve been pretty—I think you’ve been pretty adamant about not being necessarily apologetic about it. I mean, do you think—was it something that you felt you needed to do for your family? Is it something you just wish you hadn’t done?”

Instead of directly answering the question, Clinton again relied on her, “I have a record” defense. That’s problematic for Clinton, given the support Senator Sanders has among Democratic voters on this issue. Clearly voters have determined that Clinton’s record is inadequate on this particular issue in their eyes.

But then she went further, criticizing Sanders:

CLINTON: “I have a long history of opposing a lot of what they’re doing, trying to change behaviors, I–and I never voted for a bill that unleashed swaps and derivatives, the way Sen. Sanders did.”

That’s problematic for Clinton because the bill she’s referring to is one that was signed by none other than her husband, President Bill Clinton. She launched a similar attack against Sanders during a debate in January, and the attack backfired on her:

But here’s what she didn’t say: Not only did President Bill Clinton sign that bill into law, but key officials in his administration were also credited with helping to craft it.

Unfortunately for Clinton, reporters and oppo researchers have long memories.