September 7, 2016

Clinton Continues To Push Away Sanders Supporters

Hillary Clinton needs Bernie Sanders and his supporters to come out and support her on Election Day. A new Wall Street Journal story highlighting her strong support from the oil and gas industry might prevent that from happening. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Clinton has significantly outraised Donald Trump among oil and gas donors:

“Individuals who work for oil and natural-gas companies donated $149,000 to Mr. Trump’s GOP campaign through July 30, the end of the most recent fundraising period, compared with $525,000 to Mrs. Clinton.”

During the Democratic primary, Sanders made a big deal of Clinton’s corporate ties. He made the argument that Clinton would not take bold actions that would upset her donors. Specifically, Sanders warned that oil and gas executives would buy the loyalty of politicians:

“But that’s where the billionaire class comes in. Instead of engaging on this issue in good faith and allowing democracy to play out, executives and lobbyists for coal, oil, and gas companies have blocked every attempt to make progress on climate change, and thrown unprecedented amounts of money at elected officials to buy their loyalty.”

Clinton’s oil and gas money will make it that much harder to get unenthusiastic Democrats to the polls on November 8th.