March 9, 2016

Clinton Continues To Support Nuclear Deal As Iran Threatens Israel

Today, Secretary Clinton released a statement following Iran’s test launch of two missiles “with the phrase ‘Israel must be wiped out’ written in Hebrew on them”:

In her statement, Secretary Clinton said, “… this demonstrated once again why we need to address Iran’s destabilizing activities across the region.”

Secretary Clinton’s concern over Iran’s activities is laughable given her continued support for the Iran nuclear deal, which gave Iran a $100 billion windfall in newly released funds, even while public support for the Iran deal in the U.S. has remained unsurprisingly low. Secretary Clinton has even proven unwilling to identify Iran as a national security threat.

Nonetheless, since the deal was agreed to in July 2015, Iran has seized U.S. soldiers and conducted multiple ballistic missile tests, with this new test being only the most recent.

Secretary Clinton’s unwillingness to identify the Iranian threat and her continued support for the Iran deal demonstrate clearly that she can not be trusted to confront Iranian’s consistently aggressive behavior.