December 1, 2015

Clinton Defends Wall Street, Washington Gridlock & The Status Quo

During an interview this morning, Charlie Rose asked Hillary Clinton about her ties to Wall Street. Recently The Associated Press reported that Clinton had meet with dozens of corporate executives and long-time political donors while serving as Secretary of State. Clinton defended these ties by invoking 9/11:

 ROSE: Have you suffered from the fact that they say you are too close to Wall Street? Has that hurt your image in your judgment running for president?

 CLINTON: I don’t think so. I have stood for a lot of regulation on big banks and on the financial services sector. I also represented New York and represented everybody from the dairy farmers you know to the fishermen. Everybody. And so, yes, do I know people and did I, you know, help rebuild after 9/11, yes, I did.

Clinton has used 9/11 before to defended her ties to Wall Street and immediately received backlash for it.

Latter on in the interview Hillary Clinton defended the status quo and gridlock in Washington:

A recent Gallup poll showed that only 11% of Americans approved of the job Washington was doing, just another sign that Hillary Clinton is out of touch with “everyday” Americans.

After the interview Rose concluded that Clinton would struggle recreating the Obama coalition that was so vital to his success in both ’08 & ’12.