February 23, 2016

Clinton Dodges Again On Transferring Detainees To South Carolina In South Carolina

During tonight’s CNN town hall, Hillary Clinton once again dodged when asked about voters’ concern with the possibility Guantanamo Bay detainees would be transferred to South Carolina:

Well, first of all, the president hasn’t made any decision about where the transfers would go.

Contrary to Secretary Clinton’s claim, in the plan he released today, President Obama identified 13 possible locations for transfer. The location in Charleston, South Carolina however, is only a medium security prison:

The Navy originally built the brig, located at the southern end of the Naval Weapons Station, as a medium-security holding site for military prisoners serving sentences of 10 years or less.* But after 9/11, its mission expanded when terror detainee Yaser esam Hamdi, an American citizen, was delivered there in 2002. He’d been captured on a battlefield in Afghanistan. Two other high-profile inmates soon followed, including “dirty bomber” Jose Padilla, and Ali Saleh al-Marri, a Qatari arrested in Illinois as an alleged al-Qaida associate.