February 25, 2016

Clinton, Down In Massachusetts, Turns To Desperate, Negative Attacks

Massachusetts was a state Hillary Clinton won handily in 2008 against Barack Obama. However this year the critical Massachusetts primary looks to be going Bernie Sanders way, with the socialist leading Clinton 49% to 42% in a recent PPP poll. Sanders is not just beating Clinton head to head in Massachusetts, he’s also the clear choice among voters who care liberal economic issues:

“Sanders is trusted to crack down on Wall Street and ‘pursue policies that raise the incomes of average Americans.'”

Sanders’ strength on these issues has forced the Clinton campaign to launch frantic attacks on gun control:

“Both mailings go on to contrast Clinton and Sanders’ records. They write that Sanders, a senator from Vermont, voted against the Brady Bill, which established background checks and waiting periods for gun buyers. Sanders has explained his votes by saying he believed waiting periods should be established by the states, not the federal government, and he was following the will of his constituents.”

Clinton has also roped in her surrogates to go after Sanders on his gun control record:

“Also Monday, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey participated in a Clinton campaign conference call with Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy attacking Sanders’ gun record.”

Clinton’s reliance on negative campaign shows her campaign is still feeling unsecure about the Democratic nomination. As Sanders has continues to pull massive crowds across the country, he should expect more underhanded attacks from the Clintons in his future.