July 14, 2016

Clinton Drag Destroying Down-Ballot Battleground Democrats

A new round of Quinnipiac swing state polls are out with fresh numbers on senate races in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, and they confirm what Wednesday’s presidential race polls suggested – that Hillary Clinton’s disastrously low honest and trustworthy numbers are dragging down her fellow Democrats.

In Pennsylvania, Clinton’s collateral damage – voters fine her less trustworthy than Donald Trump by a 34-49 margin – certainly hasn’t helped Katie McGinty’s already lackluster campaign. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey continues to beat McGinty, a revolving door opportunist who has her own trouble with the truth, leading her 49-39, compared to 49-40 in June. McGinty has consistently lagged behind in polls both before and after Democrats spent millions to boost her in the primary.

In Ohio, Sen. Rob Portman has opened up a seven-point lead (47-40) over Retread Ted Strickland, up from a tie in June’s poll. Strickland is perhaps the candidate most closely tied to Clinton out of the bunch, and it looks like her controversial anti-coal comments that doomed her in Appalachia’s primaries could have staying power for Strickland.

And then there’s Florida. To be fair to Clinton, Privileged Patrick Murphy is self-destructing faster than she can drag him down. His multiple donor scandals, repeated lies about his resume, and ludicrously out-of-touch behavior give Clinton a real run for her money. In June’s poll he was already losing to Sen. Marco Rubio – who wasn’t even in the race yet – by seven points, now that margin has widened to a whopping 13-point deficit for Murphy (50-37) – the same margin by which Clinton trails Trump on trustworthiness.

As further proof of what a disaster Florida has become for Democrats, just hours before the Quinnipiac poll was released Murphy became embroiled in yet another scandal over reports he delayed small business disaster relief so he could take credit at a press conference.

Released simultaneously with the Quinnipiac state polls this morning was a national New York Times/CBS survey showing a whopping 67 percent of Americans do not find Clinton honest and trustworthy, “the highest percentage this election cycle.” Perhaps even more dire for Clinton was a ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday that found 56 percent of Americans believe she should have been charged with a crime following F.B.I. Director James Comey’s report on her “extremely careless” handling of classified material.

These numbers explain why Katie McGinty and Ted Strickland, who have previously rushed to embrace Clinton, have been conspicuously silent following the F.B.I.’s takedown of their Party’s presumptive nominee.