September 14, 2016

The Clinton Effect: Bad News For Senate Democrats

If Senate Democrats fall short in November, they’re likely to blame the Clinton Effect. Where as Democrats were once supremely confident that they’d retake the Senate in November, now Democrats are “increasingly concerned” about their chances:

“Democrats are sounding increasingly concerned about their chances of retaking control of the Senate, as Republicans demonstrate a commanding fundraising advantage and Hillary Clinton’s lead narrows in key battleground races.”

One big reason for this is that Democratic candidates like Ann Kirkpatrick, Russ Feingold, Ted Strickland, Deborah Ross, Maggie Hassan, and Patrick Murphy have all had to admit they find Clinton trustworthy. This close tie with Clinton has left those candidates vulnerable as Clinton falters

“Another concern is Clinton’s sometimes weak performance as a candidate, particularly pronounced over the past days as her campaign contended with questions over its handling of her health. Clinton’s stumbling exit from a 9/11 memorial Sunday was followed by the disclosure that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.”

While Election Day is still many weeks away, Democrats can’t be happy that what was once viewed as a slam dunk, now has so much uncertainty. As the Huffington Post’s model shows, Democrats are now relying on DC mansion owner and lobbyist Evan Bayh to win them the majority. Given his recent struggles, it’s no surprise that the DSCC is fretting.