January 4, 2016

Clinton Email Shows “Great Lengths” State Dep. Went To “Please” Well-Connected Friends

The Clintons are no strangers to opening their public offices to monied interests. A new Clinton State Department email released on New Year’s Eve shows that practice was still going strong when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Politico reports that Hillary Clinton’s State chief of staff Cheryl Mills facilitated the appearance of former Bill Clinton chief of staff turned Hillary Clinton campaign donor Mack McLarty at a bilateral U.S.-China event at the State Department.

As Politico describes it:

The exchange, revealed in the latest batch of Clinton emails released by the State Department on New Year’s Eve, offers another example of Clinton aides going to great lengths to please Democratic Party donors and connected political figures while she ran the State Department.

At the event, McLarty had access to “China’s ministers of finance and commerce, representatives from the People’s Bank of China, and a number of Chinese securities regulators.” Those are certainly connections that would come in handy when trying to promote your family’s “substantial” investments in China, and ones that certainly wouldn’t be available to “Everyday Americans” Clinton falsely claims to stand for.

Those business interests ultimately culminated in the sale of McLarty’s Chinese holdings for $305 million to a Chinese company in 2012—money that has found its way to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Clinton school in Arkansas, and “the creation of a new Hillary Clinton fellowship at Georgetown in 2014.”

This is just one more example of Hillary Clinton applying one set of rules for her family and friends, and another for everyone else. This is the kind of unethical, dishonest behavior that voters cite when they say they do not like or trust Clinton.