March 28, 2016

Clinton Endorsement Forced On MIA Feingold

Hillary Clinton endorsed Russ Feingold during a speech in Madison, Wisconsin today, whether the former senator liked it or not – and the facts suggest probably not.

Feingold has studiously avoided endorsing Clinton over Bernie Sanders, even skipping February’s presidential debate in Milwaukee:

Just days before the debate, Feingold had glowing praise for Bernie Sanders, touting their work to push for a radical single payer health care system:

An Associated Press report at the time suggested Feingold was walking a fine line to avoid angering the Clinton Machine:

And detailed Feingold’s history of Feeling The Bern:

Feingold does have a history of backing Sanders. His political action committee, Progressives United, gave $5,000 to Sanders’ re-election in 2012 and $1,000 to his presidential campaign in January 2015. Feingold shut down the committee in May as he entered the Senate race.

Feingold has been struggling to make the Supreme Court battle a campaign issue, despite his own spotty record, so it speaks volumes that he was so desperate to distance himself from Clinton that he missed an opportunity to trot out his hyperbolic talking points.