April 4, 2016

Clinton Endorser Bob Kerrey Reproaches Clinton Again For Private Server, Wall Street Speeches

Hillary Clinton is once again taking friendly fire over her time as Secretary of State. In a World-Herald interview, Bob Kerrey, a Hillary Clinton supporter and member of her Nebraska Leadership Council, blasted the former Secretary of State’s decision to set up a private email server:

“In a World-Herald interview Friday, Kerrey pointed to a public records law that requires federal officials to preserve correspondence and potentially turn it over to the public. ‘I have no doubt that this server was set up so that the secretary wouldn’t have to submit to that law,’ Kerrey told The World-Herald.”

This is not the first time Kerrey has taken issue with Clinton’s decision to set up a private email server. Last year, Kerrey condemned Clinton’s decision to use a private email server as an “end run around FOIA”:

“And what I believe the Secretary did was to say I want to do an end run around FOIA. I’m gonna set up a server in my own home. Nobody’s ever done that before. Colin Powell didn’t do that. It wasn’t because she didn’t want carry two cellphones around. She’s secretary of state, for God’s sake. Give me the red one, give me the blue one. Who the hell cares?”

Kerrey hasn’t just limited his criticism of Clinton to her illicit, private server. He has also taken issue with Hillary Clinton’s big money Wall Street speeches:

“Bob Kerrey, a former Nebraska governor and senator who ran for the Democratic nomination in 1992 and who has endorsed Mrs. Clinton in the current race, said Mr. Sanders might be winning now if he had relentlessly pressured Mrs. Clinton since last fall over her closed-door speeches to Wall Street banks, her role in the finances of Clinton Foundation programs, and other vulnerabilities… ‘Making the transcripts of the Goldman speeches public would have been devastating” to Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Kerrey said. “When the G.O.P. gets done telling the Clinton Global Initiative fund-raising and expense story, Bernie supporters will wonder why he didn’t do the same.’”

With Clinton’s recent string of losses to Bernie Sanders, the last thing Clinton needs is friendly fire from her own supporters. Yet with Bob Kerrey’s high-profile criticism, Hillary Clinton is sure to face tough questions ahead on her ethical lapses.