December 6, 2015

Clinton Fails On Israel And Terrorism

During a speech today at the 2015 Saban Forum, Secretary Clinton outlined the threats that face the world today. Each and every threat mentioned by Clinton is the result of her failed record as Secretary of State:

Hillary Clinton claimed that she will “stand with our ally and true friend Israel now and forever”:

However, Clinton’s current support for Israel doesn’t jibe with her support for the nuclear deal with Iran, a country that has threatened Israel’s existence. Clinton quickly came out in support of the nuclear deal with Iran even though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel have strongly opposed the deal.

During her speech, Clinton also touted a plan to stop the networks that support terror around the world:

What Clinton didn’t mention is that when she was Secretary of State, she had a chance to do just that but failed to take action. Instead, Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist group that Clinton failed to put on the State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, has grown, pledged allegiance to ISIS, and was recently named the “most deadly terrorist group in the world.” Clinton’s refusal to designate the terrorist group deprived U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies of “certain tools and authorities” to combat the terror threat.

Clinton’s glaring failures on counterterrorism and her mischaracterizations of her record on Israel are clear signs of her willingness to distance herself from her failed record as Secretary of State.