October 28, 2016

Clinton FBI Bombshell Sends Senate Democrats Scrambling

The FBI’s announcement that they’ve re-opened their investigation into Hillary Clinton puts Democratic Senate candidates in an incredibly awkward position. That’s because many of them are on record calling Clinton trustworthy and downplaying the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email scandal:

  • In Indiana, Evan Bayh called investigation into Clinton’s server a “distraction,” and bet a steak dinner that Clinton’s email scandal will “not be an issue in the upcoming election.”
  • In Florida, Patrick Murphy has said that he “100% trusts” Clinton.
  • In New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan said both that Clinton was trustworthy and that she’s been “honest with the American people.”
  • In Wisconsin, Russ Feingold said multiple times that Clinton was trustworthy.
  • In Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto said that voters did not care about Clinton’s email scandal.
  • In Arizona, Ann Kirkpatrick has dodged questions about the FBI investigation, yet still believes Clinton is trustworthy.
  • In Pennsylvania, Katie McGinty has dodged questions about the FBI investigation.
  • In North Carolina, Deborah Ross has called Clinton trustworthy multiple times.
  • In Ohio, Ted Strickland has dodged questions about the FBI investigation, but still believes Clinton is trustworthy.

Now that the FBI’s bombshell announcement has dropped, these Senate candidates are surely scrambling for a back-up plan. Unfortunately for them, their own words tell the voters of their state all they need to know. Senate Democratic candidates can’t act as a check on Hillary Clinton because they’ll never stop buying her spin.