March 8, 2016

Clinton Flip-Flops On Fracking

Hillary Clinton, serial flip-flopper, is at it again. During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton was a strong supporter of fracking, yet now that she needs the support of liberal environmental groups, she’s opposed to it. On Sunday, Clinton used the Democratic debate to say, “I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place.”

Once upon a time, Clinton travelled the world promoting the benefits fracking:

“This is a new look for Mrs. Clinton, who promoted fracking around the world as Secretary of State. In 2010 she popped into Krakow to announce a global shale initiative, and in 2012 she dropped by Bulgaria to encourage the parliament to end a fracking moratorium. But now that she wants to be President she would regulate out of existence the livelihoods of tens of thousands in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arkansas, and across the U.S.A.”

Yet even the opponents of the practice are skeptical of her new stance:

“But supporters and opponents of fracking dismissed her position as campaign rhetoric that would collide with the limited powers of a president to control an activity largely regulated at the state level.”

Not satisfied with their success in just pushing Clinton to oppose fracking, radical environmental group have started to “urged [Clinton]” to move farther still on the issue. If Sanders continues to rack up primary victories, pretty soon Clinton’s going to come out for a bicycles-only transportation system.