November 19, 2015

Clinton Forgets 3 AM Attack Ad On Obama As She Cites “Pet Peeve”

During this morning’s interview on “LIVE with Michael and Kelly,” Hillary Clinton said her biggest pet peeve is political attack ads.

That’s a bit hypocritical of Clinton, considering that the one ad of Clinton’s remembered best by voters and political observers from her 2008 campaign is the now-infamous “3 a.m.” ad. During that cycle, Clinton spent $46 million on TV ads—a year in which the Brookings Institute notes more negative ads were run than in previous years.

Clinton’s negative attack ad on then-Senator Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience was “most frequently covered by the media” than any other ad that year.

Ironically, after serving as President Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton has no choice but to embrace that failed record. Today at an event in New York, Clinton is expected to lay out her foreign policy “vision.” You can expect to hear her defend her failed leadership and misjudgments from her tenure at Foggy Bottom, but she can’t distance herself from the president. Clinton was the chief architect of his failed foreign policy, and any notion to the contrary is a disingenuous effort to rewrite history.