October 29, 2015

Clinton Foundation Brags It’s Raking In Cash While Clinton Runs For President

This afternoon, The Washington Post reported that the Clinton Foundation declared today that “donations are on the rise” in 2015:

According to the foundation, donations are up — both measured in dollars given and in number of contributions to the charity, which runs health, environmental and education programs around the world. A spokesman said there were also more sponsors this year of the foundation’s annual multi-day Clinton Global Initiative in New York in September, countering reports that corporate supporters had backed off because of a newly politicized atmosphere around the gathering.

This announcement comes amid concerns that Clinton Foundation donors are giving to curry favor with the Clintons, should Secretary Clinton be elected president:

The foundation has also faced questions about whether its politically-connected donors have supported the organization as a way to gain access and curry favor with a potential future president, an allegation that could find support in rising donations this year, amid the opening of the political campaign season.

Indeed, that’s a point that has been raised by others, including Mark Halperin, in the past: