January 28, 2016

Clinton Foundation Takes First Step, Acknowledges They’ve Become A Problem For Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton has long defended the Clinton Foundations from charges of unethical dealings and influence-peddling. The former president likes to paint any criticism of the Foundation as “political,” saying last year to supporters:

“It’s the political season in America, so the purpose and impact of the efforts your support makes possible has largely been ignored in recent coverage of the Foundation.”

Yet, a new report from Politico paints a very different picture. The report shows that the Foundation is increasingly worried about politics and detracting from Clinton’s campaign. They’ve become so worried that they’ve hired outside consultants from a “powerhouse” firm.

While the foundation claims that the Clinton Foundation will operate as they have in the past, Clinton campaign supporters already view the Foundation as a “distraction.” This has led to internal discussions about “dialing back its activity during the campaign.”

Politico sources explain that both the Clinton campaign and Foundation are already worried about the bad press from CGI events planned for this summer and fall:

“’CGI America in June in Atlanta will look too much like a pretend DNC, in a major Southern state, and they’re worried about the media backlash,’ said a source familiar with CGI internal discussions. ‘Can you imagine ― Trump would have a field day! And CGI’s annual meeting is way too close to the actual election to risk the bad press,’ the source said.”

In addition, Foundation staff have been warned about further changes:

“Foundation CEO Donna Shalala late last year warned staff of possible restructuring and election year uncertainty, and wouldn’t guarantee that CGI would follow through with plans for its flashy annual meeting in September, according to sources familiar with her conversations with staff.”

There might good news on the horizon for the Clinton Foundation staff worried about less glitzy foundation events. Clinton is seriously struggling in Iowa and New Hampshire!