November 17, 2015

Clinton Foundation Tax Filings Reveal 2014 Donation Spike, Unreported Foreign Donations

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation reported its annual tax filings last night. The Foundation’s 2014 report revealed it brought in $178 million in 2014—the organization’s largest haul in five years:

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation last year raised $178 million ― its biggest annual fundraising haul in five years ― as it prepared for a possible future without its two biggest names.

The fundraising tally was revealed in tax filings publicly released Monday night. They showed that the foundation finished 2014 with by far the largest cash reserves in its 17-year history ― $354 million (against only $22 million in liabilities).

What may have caused a spike in Clinton Foundation donations in 2014? Let’s take a look back at the headlines:

The Guardian (March 2014):


MSNBC (April 2014):


Toronto Sun (June 2014):


Ah, yes! America Rising is old enough to remember 2014…

Additionally, the Clinton Foundation failed to report to the IRS $20 million in donations from governments, including from foreign governments, during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department:

Among other amendments, the foundation now reports receiving nearly $20 million in funds from governments, mostly foreign governments, between 2010 and 2013. The foundation had previously neglected to separately state its government funding as required on its original returns, although it continued to acknowledge foreign governments’ support throughout this period on its website and in its publications.

Both the spike in 2014 donations and the reporting failures only bolster the notion that Clinton is an unethical politician who will say or do anything to win and cannot be trusted.