September 21, 2016

Clinton Global Initiative Provides Continued Headaches For Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton can’t let it go. The Clinton Foundation has become synonymous with pay to play politics at its worst, yet according to a new story in Politico, he still wants to litigate the issue.

Bill Clinton’s defense of his family’s foundation will take center stage today for his closing speech at the Clinton Global Initiative. The former president is preparing for his speech like a defense attorney preparing closing arguments for a client on trial:

“He also is expected to make an impassioned argument that the Clinton Foundation has improved lives around the world – a statement he hopes will serve as a powerful rebuke of the controversy that has turned his post-presidential work into a political obstacle for Hillary Clinton, adding to the damaging perception that the Democratic nominee is untrustworthy.”

Adding to the tension is the Clinton campaign’s apparent inability to actually explain the Foundation’s mission and works:

“And both Clintons, sources said, have been frustrated that Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn-based campaign has not done enough to explain the philanthropic work the charity does at home and abroad, or that its mission is moral, not financial.”

This renewed tension comes amid news that the Clintons are preparing to lay off dozens of employees employed by the Clinton Global Initiative. According to Politico, this news is directly connected to the various scandals “swirling” around the Clintons:

“The Clinton Global Initiative has alerted dozens of employees that their jobs will be eliminated at year’s end, even as it plans to retain some staff to continue working with donors, according to two former Clinton Foundation officials who remain in communication with staff. The winding down of CGI after this week’s glitzy gathering and the resulting layoffs stem from concessions made by the Clinton Foundation to controversies swirling around Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

Clinton’s struggling campaign could have used a week free of Clinton Foundation headaches. Instead they can’t get away from the topic.